Warehouse stock management software (WMS) was successfully implemented in all warehouses of Movio Logistics in 2014. The system automatically manages and monitors warehouse stocks and processes, improving work quality and reducing significantly human errors. It allows efficient tracking of goods in batches and expiry dates for combining different methods in picking goods- FEFO, FIFO, availability for issuing online customer reports through WEB-based module etc. Usage of the system over time proved that it is an effective tool for increasing productivity and introducing successful lean management in the warehouses of the company.

On 05.03.2014, “Bultransport Logistics and Services” Ltd. changed its name to “Movio Logistics” Ltd. The headquarters address and mailing address of the company were changed from Gorublyane, “Samokovsko Shosse” Str № 1 to 1712 Sofia, Mladost, “Abagar” Str № 22E. The physical location of the company in Sofia remains the same – logistics base SOMAT.

Beyond these changes, the other details in the commercial registration of the company remain the same.

BLS team engaged in merchandising of Wrigley products have achieved excellent results for the period March – May 2012. For their perfect work they received very high appraising by Wrigley Bulgaria.

The dynamics of our company processes are represented in the news section. The news are the pulse of our company.