Records management

Despite the development of IT technologies, modern companies create and use a significant amount of paper documents. They are obliged to keep records for extended periods of time due to legal requirements or business needs. Accumulated documents on paper or other media grow and cause companies to devote more resources for their storage, control and provision of quick access to the information.

Movio Logistics Ltd., provides storage and archive management services, thus you can:

  • Optimize your costs for archive storage;
  • Free space in your offices;
  • Improve the access to the documents and the information contained therein;
  • Receive services on electronic archiving of documents;
  • Store confidential for you documents outside your offices, with guaranteed security for the preservation of information;
  • Receive timely and expert advice on national requirements for archiving of documents;
  • Receive a high level of service, subject to agreed deadlines and quality, described in detail in the Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Be visited “on-site” by our staff to advise on the organization of your archive activity;
  • Get service on the confidential destruction of documents under your request.